Gift from C. Baxter Kruger
The author takes some of her own childhood traumatic experiences and weaves them into the lives of Penny and Nellie (the main characters), showing how Jesus offers redemption as He takes her broken life and restores her to wholeness and freedom.
Kathy Ailles, Author, Novel, Untainted
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Gift from C. Baxter Kruger

A few weeks ago my friend and pastor, Tim Walker, was attending the annual Perichoresis Conference in Tennessee, hosted by renown Christian author C. Baxter Kruger.  Since Tim is a colleague of Baxter’s, I asked if he’d mind delivering a copy of my novel Untarnished as a gift for Mr. Kruger.  Apparently Baxter was all smiles when he heard my story and was given the book.  Well, look what arrived in the mail this week!  A signed copy of his book Patmos.  I am very honoured and humbled to receive such a gift.  Thank-you, Mr. Kruger!

To order your copy of Untarnished, click here.