Untarnished A Novel
The author takes some of her own childhood traumatic experiences and weaves them into the lives of Penny and Nellie (the main characters), showing how Jesus offers redemption as He takes her broken life and restores her to wholeness and freedom.
Kathy Ailles, Author, Novel, Untainted
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Untarnished A Novel



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Penny – a young girl growing up in rural Ontario during the Depression. Troubled, hurting. Looking for peace and acceptance. Longing to escape from “The Great Dark Shadow”.

Nellie – a young woman beginning a life on her own during the days of World War II. Searching for a new life away from her sad and traumatic childhood. Longing for adventure, love and freedom.

Paperback Book


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Endorsements for Untarnished by Kathy Ailles:

Kathy has both let us into a child’s world of secret pain, and led us through a place of darkness into the bright light. She relates experiences of which I myself know nothing, but in a way which makes gentle allowance for my ignorance. Some will read, question and wonder; others will read and may begin a journey of healing. It was not an easy story to live; it’s not an easy story to read. But once you start, you will definitely want to finish.

Steve Peck, Retired Principal


David the Psalmist says in Psm 139:14, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made”. It has amazed me in my many years of pastoral ministry and over 25 years of counselling the hurting, broken and the prisoners caught in captivity, Jesus longs to set everyone free. Life can be very hard for some and to see how our bodies and minds can handle such terrible ordeals is astounding, too. As you read this book, know that there are many people who have lived lives like Penny, but the Lord’s heart is to the broken; He longs to heal and He is always wanting to use other people to help the healing process. I have seen many people find freedom from their broken pasts and walk in a new way of living. This is a book that shouts from the mountain top, I too was hurt and broken, but Jesus has brought His love and truth and has truly set me free. May you find healing as you read Penny’s story, and the many stories behind the story.

Pastor Tim Walker, B.A. and Master of Theological Studies (MTS)


This is the story of the healing of Penny’s childhood traumas. Romantic and hopeful, it evoked in me the promise that the prophet Isaiah gave to the feeble and fearful hearted that streams will flow in the desert when God comes to save them (35:4-6). Her parched and cracked desert sands become a pool where bubbling springs refresh her on the long walk to the integration of her shattered self.

Kathy has woven in parts of her own story. Jesus the giver of living water (John 4:14) led a pastoral team of prayer intercessors and counsellors as He healed her over many years. I was blessed to be a member of that team. I walked with Kathy as Jesus carefully and patiently loved and led her to wholeness and health. This is a faith filled novel that will encourage the broken hearted and those called to walk with them.

Bruce Twining M.A.Sc.


This book is a journey of love, promise, healing and forgiveness. Your heart will be drawn to the character, feel their emotions and perhaps even make a connections to your own life experiences. Beautiful, relatable and hopeful…

Nicole Forget B. Ed


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